Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Several months ago I started listening to a wonderful program on a website called "Unity FM".  I like to listen to it when I wash the dishes or do my tennis ball therapy:  

"You’ve seen reality TV. Well, now get ready for reality radio. It’s raw, unpredictable, and completely unscripted. Healing Your Life With Dr. Chris Michaels follows the lives of two people for five weeks as they face their fears and overcome their challenges. Listen in weekly and follow along, as they take each faithful step on their journey. Learn what it takes to really heal your life."

I have found I can relate in some way to each of the guests and their issues, but the person who I really related to was Marcia, who is suffering from stress-induced voice challenges (I have vision and hand challenges due to stress.)

The first segment featuring her is:

If you'd like to hear a powerful "Spiritual Mind Treatment" and counseling session in action, I highly recommend it!

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