Sunday, September 29, 2013


After five years in Waldport, we’re going to indulge our Gypsy tendencies, purchase a pickup truck and travel trailer, and head south, to San Diego and possibly points beyond.  We’ve met a lot of wonderful people (and pets), and will treasure our experiences here.  However, the promise of year-round sunshine and warm weather, plus the opportunities possible with living near a large city, have us very excited about this new adventure!

One of the first places we plan to check out when we arrive in San Diego County Is the Seaside Center for Spiritual Living in Encinitas. We recently watched this archived Sunday talk by Dr. Ken Gordon, entitled “The Path” and it was so inspiring that we are eager to become more active participants in this philosophy and movement.  If you’d like to watch it as well, just click this hyperlink and forward the video to 23:20 (23 minutes and 20 seconds), or watch the whole service if you like, which include some beautiful songs and inspirational readings:

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