Friday, May 2, 2014

We Moved – to Pismo Beach, California!

Wow! The past few months have flown by, since December when Rick's dad "passed on" and left Rick his rental home in Pismo Beach.  January, February and March were spent getting ready for the move, and on April 1 we set off from Waldport, with our van, truck, and U-Haul trailer packed to the brim and our three dogs happily anticipating a "family outing/road trip".

Three days on the road, with one night spent in San Jose at Rick's dad's home and visiting with Rick's brother Mike, and we rolled into the warm, picturesque beach town of Pismo beach and to our new home!

Rick enjoying the panoramic view from the living room, including the Pismo pier, the beach, and the surf conditions!

A partial View from Our Living Room

Rick and the dogs enjoying "the good life" on our new sofas

Tiffany and I in front of an awesome jade plant in our backyard

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