Sunday, November 17, 2013


My friends Morry and Joni introduced me to this organization via a calendar that featured photos of an assortment of unique, adorable, handbuilt "Little Free Libraries".  It's a movement that is sweeping the US, and even the world, hosted by people who love books, sharing ideas and "building community".

"Resembling large birdhouses, the Little Free Libraries are weatherproof cabinets with a couple of dozen books inside. Borrow one, read it, bring it back, or bring another. It’s the charm of yard art, the wonder of a message in a bottle, sprinkled with the spell cast by a deft writer." - Michelle Hiskey

Please check it out at .  News stories on these wonderful little libraries can be enjoyed at

Is there one in your community?   When we get settled in San Diego, I love to start one in our new community!

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