Friday, November 29, 2013


I am so looking forward to getting into gardening year-round in San Diego! I've learned some basics of permaculture from SeaHeart, here in Waldport, and have now discovered that YouTube features many videos by Bill Mollison, an amazing man who originated the concept of permaculture:

A great introduction and so inspirational!:   "Bill Mollison -   Global Gardener 1 In the tropics"   

Dry land permaculture (Totally relevant to the San Diego County area, especially the eastern portions of the county)  

....and this video includes an interesting contrast between two subdivisions in Davis, California – one built to incorporate permaculture, and the other a typical American subdivision:

"Bill Mollison - In Grave Danger of Falling Food"
"Published on Jul 11, 2012
In this introductory video to permaculture, Bill Mollison, the movement's co-founder, takes the viewer through the history and developments of the movement. With startlingly laconic humour and insight he deconstructs the modern agribusiness and the "modern plague" : manicured ornamental lawns. In this video he offers an antidote, which is an antidote to both our currently unsustainable practices and our unsustainable culture. Both of these have to change and adapt. Permanently."

Hope you enjoy these as much as I do!

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